Animal Night Lights for Kids

It only takes 1 trip to the zoo the create animal lovers. My niece is mesmerized by the monkeys and my nephew is transfixed by the tigers. I could sit and watch the giraffes all day. (Does anyone else wonder how their dog would react to the animals if you could take them with you to the zoo?)

After a recent visit to the Oakland Zoo I decided a fun memento of our animal adventure would be a monkey night light for Gracie and a tiger night light for Freddie. Being the avid online shopper that I am, I took to the web to find some fun kids’ night lights with animals.

Hmmm. I didn’t want plastic junky ones but that was all I could find.

I decided to get them each one of Kyle’s animal night lights – which I had originally thought were just for adults – and they were a huge hit!

knl-wp-blog-animal-night-lights-for-kidsI added purple stained glass for Gracie since it’s her all-time favorite color.

Then I chose red for Freddie because it’s his favorite.

Didn’t they come out great?

You don’t have to get tacky night lights to make kids happy after all! I just love how elegant they are with their etched metal monkey and tiger designs and vibrant stained glass.

The kids were so excited to see their favorite animal glowing on the walls of their rooms in their favorite colors. I scored so many Auntie points that day!

I especially enjoy knowing they’re quality night lights that the kids won’t outgrow. At least, as long as they continue to like these particular wild animals.

So tell me, which animal design would your child go crazy over?


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