3 Gifts Guaranteed to Brighten Mother’s Day

There’s so many different ways to celebrate Mom. There’s a family brunch at a local hot-spot. An afternoon of wine tasting with her daughters. A day at the nail salon or spa for hard-working moms who need some pampering. A bike ride for athletic moms. Fondue for chocolate lovers. Hikes for nature lovers. Art galleries for art lovers.

You get the hint – a day spent with Mom doing what Mom loves best.

If your lucky, you get to do things like this with mom on a regular basis. This year, make Mother’s Day extra special with these 3 gifts that are guaranteed to brighten her day:

Illuminate her halls with a beautiful copper flower night light.


Remind her that laughter is the best medicine with a mini Live Laugh Love pill box.


Thank her for being the calming influence in your life with a custom tea chest.


This May 8th, plan to spend a day celebrating what makes your mom so special. Whether you do so over brunch, coffee, wine or chocolate fondue, surprise her with an innovative gift that’s sure to make her day all the more magnificent.

Cheers to Mom!


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